The morning routine usually ends messed up as you have to rush to your work, but the morning routine is the most important to give a good start to your day. So, sit back and relax and enjoy your coffee.


Start your day by taking a cold shower, taking a cold water bath would wake you up and make you feel fresh. It’s also good for skin and cold water protects your skin from dryness as compared to hot water. Apply moisturizer as soon as you complete your bath when the skin is still damp, applying moisturizer as soon as you bath makes your skin smooth and prevents dryness. Apply any moisturizer which suits your skin.


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After cleansing, you can apply face cream to your face and hand cream to your hands applying such creams would protect your skin from pollution and dirt outside also you can apply SPF moisturizer, the SPF moisturizer protects your skin from UV rays which are emitted from the sun, in some parts of the world the UV index rises above 3 which can be harmful your skin applying SPF moisturizer will not only make your skin smooth but it will also protect you from ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Now you are ready to get dressed up for work, just choose the right attire and get ready for the day. You can also apply the gel to your hair to keep them intact throughout the day.


Don’t forget to apply perfumes before stepping out, cologne will give you a pleasant feeling and would keep your mind fresh. There are various types of perfumes available in the market based on your choice you can apply them.


The nights are perfect to take care of your skin as after a long day you feel stressed and also the dirt and pollution damage your skin so to relax your body and to give your skin a good grooming night is the best time to do so.



The best time to groom your beard is at night to get ready for tomorrow with the clean shave look. Getting a clean shave is just as it makes a person presentable and also brings a glow to your face.

For the people who like to keep their beard, they need to take good care of their beard to maintain or to keep it in shape. They can use a trimmer to keep your beard in shape, there is a special beard face wash available which is made especially for the beard. People who have less growth of beard or mustache can apply moustache roll on at night before sleeping this would help you with faster growth of the beard. 

Also, there are oils available to grow a beard to give your beard moisture.


To rejuvenate your skin applying masks are the best way as they give your skin all moisture required and take away all the dirt, pollution, and oil from your skin. The masks are available for different types of skin. Also, there are masks available for different purposes if you want to detan your skin there are detan masks available; also there are charcoal face masks, Hydrogel face masks. Bio-cellulose mask, So depending on your skin type and the type of mask(a problem which you want to solve) you need there are various types of face sheets available.


The most important part which requires regular care is your skin. Skin is that area of your body that is most exposed to the harsh conditions outside like pollution dirt, UV rays, etc… so it requires proper care. To start with you should apply at least twice a day one midday and one at night because face wash is the best cleanser for the skin as they take out all the dirt pollution, micropollutants, and oil from your face.

Then at the time of going to bed, you can apply the night cream on your face as it would give overnight moisture to your skin and make your skin glowing the next day you would wake up. Some people have dark circles under their eyes so there are under-eye creams and gels available that can be applied before going to bed. This would reduce your dark circles. Also, it would be good if you would apply hand cream and foot cream as they would give moisture to your skin and would remove dead skin, and rejuvenate your skin.


Getting good sleep is the most important thing, one of the best ways to make your skin glow naturally is getting good sleep. Taking a good sleep would not only make your skin glow but would also relieve your stress and make you feel fresh. Also, the main reason for getting dark circles is waking up late at night, sleeping late at night brings strain on your eyes and causes dark circles also makes you feel sleepy and restless the very next morning. 

So, in order to wake with a fresh mind and an active body, it is important to sleep early at night.  

For choosing the right option for your skin go to the grooming section and make the right choice for your skin.

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